the Artful Analysis


The above images are great works where the artists started and used the same materials as others in their same profession. Yet as with the vehicle above, The Atlantic, you’d be hard pressed to call the designers simple engineers.

Analytics is no different from any other profession. The start is a collection of data, messy and raw. The end, for the novice: a wonderful report filled with data. The expert turns over a model and a presentation filled with graphs, tables, and mentions of p-values. The artist delivers solutions. All started with the same data and tools.

This site is a collection of recent work and research: Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing Response Modeling, Marketing Optimization, Segmentation Analysis, and Opportunities within Health Care Reform. I invite all to comment or ask questions, as it has been my experience that growth is enhanced by sharing.

Also, there is a discussion on analytics in general. The topics are surrounding: how to start an analysis in order to have a high likelihood of success, what is success for an analysis and the customer.

Last, a healthy portion of this site is dedicated to my new love: R. Generally, I am indifferent to what software an analyst uses, good analytics is good analytics. However, R is just too special. It’s not easier to program than other tools, nor is it better at handling big data within its PC version. What makes R special is that it is open source (read: free). My liking is because it hits at the heart of collaboration.

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